Ways to Stay Motivated While Job Hunting

April 14, 2022

Finding a job can be difficult, frustrating, tedious, and even demotivating. We always hear from people around us that it’s just part of the process, but what else can we do to make us feel better? At Alba, we compiled seven of our favourite things to recommend our clients to do when they feel discouraged or anxious about their job search process.

1. Set Goals for Yourselves

Set small, detailed, and measurable goals. These goals can often help you declutter your thought process and help you feel less anxious about your job search. Your goals don’t necessarily have to be directly related to applying for the actual job. They can instead be tasks like re-doing your resume, listing our companies you would like to work for, applying for 2 jobs a day, researching the position you’re interested in, or reaching out to HR for a better understanding of the company. Set a few of these goals throughout your days and weeks!

2. Remember to Celebrate the Small Wins

Sometimes we disregard the small wins in our lives because we didn’t reach our ultimate goal. For example, if you made it to the final round of the interview but didn’t receive a job offer, you may feel discouraged and sad. However, what many of us don’t realize is that even making it to the final stage is difficult. Did you know that one job posting can receive more than 200 applications? Of those applicants, about 2% will make it through the initial screening process. By the time applicants reach the final stage of an interview, there will only be 1-3 candidates left per position. Therefore, even when you don’t receive a job offer, you should know that you were already in the top 98% of candidates who applied for that respective job.

3. Build a Routine

Covid 19 has made our days and weeks blend together. Therefore, it is more often now than ever that we lose track of time and become unproductive. When we start building a routine, we will feel more control and structure in our lives, which will then help our anxiety and stress levels. An example of a routine we can build would be: waking up each morning at a set time like 9 am, going for a run, eating breakfast, and then sitting down to find jobs suitable for you to apply. After lunch, you may want to customize your resume and cover letter to align with the job postings you discovered in the morning.

4. Take a Break

Like everything else in our lives that requires hard work and concentration, sometimes we’ll experience burnout. That’s why we need to take breaks. Take days off when you don’t look at your resume, cover letter, or anything remotely related to your job search. Clear your mind so that you can come back refreshed and ready to go back to work. Don’t force yourself to constantly be applying for jobs because that will only make the experience worse for you.

5. Network with People

Sometimes finding a job doesn’t require the traditional seeing a job posting and applying to it. Instead, sometimes finding a job simply means reaching out to the right people. Therefore, maybe try reaching out to managers or hiring managers for the company you’re interested in working at. Talk to them about what it’s like working at the company, understand the company culture and values before asking about possible positions available you can apply. Often, you’ll have a higher chance of getting an interview when someone within the company refers you.

6. Develop Skills that May be Useful Even when you’re not working, you can still work on the skills the positions you’re trying to achieve requires. For example, you can take an online course on python and learn how to code. Or you can take a Google Analytics course to enhance your marketing skills, or even learn a new function on excel that may help you with data entry. There are tons of courses and certificates you can take online to help you become a more valued candidate. Often, these courses and certificates are free!

7. Ask for Feedback

Surround yourself with supportive friends and family. Ask them to read over your cover letter and resume. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help and support. Your friends and family would love to help you achieve your dream job so ask them for constructive feedback. Then take those feedback and apply them to your resume or cover letter. You can also do this with mock interviews. Ask your family or friends to ask you interview questions, answer the question as you would in a real interview, and then ask them for feedback on places you could improve on or things you could have clarified.

Job search is definitely a long and tedious process but you really just have to push through it because the right company will come. For more support try our 90 days job guaranteed program. Contact us via Alba Inc.or our E-mail, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

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