Best 10 Companies in the Tech Industry to Work for in Canada

July 13, 2022

In mid-January, Glassdoor released their list for the Best Places to Work in Canada in 2021. Within the list of 25 companies, there were 10 tech companies. Forbes also released a list of Canada’s Best Employers in 2021 but at the end of January. With the two lists we see common companies but also completely different companies in completely different rankings.


  1. Google (1)
  2. Microsoft (2)
  3. Apple (4)
  4. Sage (6)
  5. SAP (8)
  6. Salesforce (10)
  7. Ericsson (14)
  8. Accenture (16)
  9. Infosys (18)
  10. Intuit (21)


  1. Cisco (1)
  2. Ubisoft (3)
  3. Google (16)
  4. Microsoft (25)
  5. Corus Entertainment Inc. (39)
  6. ABB (44)
  7. AMD (45)
  8. Intel (48)
  9. Ericsson (51)
  10. Oracle (54)

Others that did not make top 10 but are within the top 100 employers (Canon (67), Dell (71), SAP (80), Apple (86), IBM (88), Sony (91))

So how did Forbes and Glassdoor make their conclusion for where to rank each company? Forbes determined its rankings for the best employers of Canada by conducting a survey with over 8000 Canadians who worked for companies with 500+ employees. Participants in the survey were asked a series of questions including their willingness to recommend their own employers to friends and families on a scale of 0-10. They were also asked to recommend a firm other than their own. The main difference between this year and past years is that the tech giants did not dominate the top ten positions. Instead it was filled with education services, government organizations, and healthcare sectors.

Glassdoor ranks companies by using anonymous feedback through completing a company review about their job, work environment, and employer over the past year. Glassdoor, unlikes Forbes, does not survey people, rather all assessments are completed by employees voluntarily. The Canadian Company ranking uses feedback from employees between October 2019 to October 2020.

In a way, Glassdoor has focused more on the specifics like work environment, culture, and work-life balance whereas Forbes ranked the employers on the more general notion of whether one would recommend a third party to join the team. Glassdoor also didn’t set out to conduct a survey, instead all their data is organic. That being said, it doesn’t make one result more accurate or better than the other, it just makes them a little different. What do you think of the rankings? Did we miss any?

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