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What Questions to Ask at the End?

After every interview you will have, the interviewer will always ask you the question: “Do you have any questions for me?” Now, whether it be from your counsellor, classmates, friends, teachers, or parents, they will always advise you to ask the interview at least one or two questions. So why should you ask interviewers questions, and what questions should you ask?

According to our consultants, one of the key reasons why we recommend interviewees to ask questions is to show attentiveness. The interviewers will feel that you are fully engaged in the conversation and have a genuine interest in the respective position and company. However, you shouldn’t just be asking questions for the sake of asking questions. Instead, you should be asking smart questions that can help you better understand the company or better express your interest in the company.

1. Ask questions that are related to the job’s responsibilities. For example, ask questions like:

  • In position XYZ, what are some challenges I will likely face?

  • What are the day-to-day responsibilities of the position?

  • Do you think the position and its responsibilities have changed or will be changing in the near future? If so, how so?

Avoid questioning aspects that have already been mentioned in the job description:

  • What are the key skills required for the position?

  • Do I need to have good communication skills?

Asking questions directly related to the job’s responsibilities will not only show recruiters that you genuinely want to understand the role better and be prepared for the role. But it also can help you determine whether the position is right for you. You will have a better mental understanding of what to expect. As well, you can physically prepare the skills and experiences needed that will make your transition into the role easier.

2. Ask questions related to the company culture. For example:

  • What’s your favourite part of the job?

  • What is the working culture like, and how big are the teams I will be working with?

Avoid asking too many of these kinds of questions, and keep in mind that often recruiters expect you to have done some research prior to the interview about the company’s values, goals, and visions. Therefore try to form your questions into things you cannot simply find online. Culture-related questions can also help you learn more about the company and your fit with the company.

3. Ask about growth opportunities. For example:

  • Are there professional development opportunities, and what do they look like? How often are they held?

  • What is the typical career path for someone with this role?

Avoid asking questions like:

  • When can I expect to reach the management level?

  • How do I get to a management level?

Asking those questions in that particular kind of wording can make you seem desperate. It can also make you seem like you’re in it just for the position and don’t care much about professional development or the company’s values.

Overall, our consultants believe that the questions you ask should vary on the role you applied to. However, in general, these are some good questions to think about when going into an interview. Have any more questions? Book a career consultant period with us via Alba Inc. or reach us through our e-mail, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook.

For more examples of questions to ask, visit: The Muse, Indeed, Glassdoor, Big Interview, or The Cut.



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