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Are you an international student studying at a notable University or college? Recently graduated? Looking for a job? Struggling with writing your resume and cover letter? Feeling nervous during interviews? Or wishing there was an easy way to apply for jobs in Canada? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Alba Inc. might be able to help.

Alba Inc. Can Help

We are a team of career consultants who were once international exchange students--so we understand your struggles. We specialize in the Chinese demographic, but also work with students from other countries. Alba Inc. has developed several programs to kickstart your career: (1) enterprise immersion program, (2) career placement program, (3) resume and cover letter writing services, and (4) CQ™ summit.

Spend 90-days with one of our career advisors to master the art of job searching. Receive more interviews and succeed when meeting hiring managers. Contact ALBA Inc.'s job advisors today.



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