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Alba International Education Consulting Inc. is a Vancouver-based education and career engagement company. We provide exceptional career training and job hunting services alongside strong support from industry professionals.


It turns out that there is a gap for international students. We realized that international students don't have a platform to learn about industry trends and how to develop their Career Quotient to be successful. 

When we attend an interview, the situation could be explained via "Iceberg Principle". The tip of the iceberg, formed by the technical skill of interviewees, is simple to glean. Nonetheless, it is critical for HR recruiters to figure out what lies beneath the water, namely, the hardest fraction to develop, your core personality.  

















What Alba is doing is to show the bottom of the ice mountain to all the students. Showing what HR recruiter is looking for and how they see things differently from students.


Our Value


























Alba has 5 core values while we are supporting students.

  • Confidentiality: Alba committed to strictly keep our client's information confidential by all means possible.

  • Professionalism: Being professional not only means being knowledgeable but also means undergone repetitive training in many details involved in your domain.

  • Respect: A rule held up by all of our members is to respect. To respect our clients, our peers, our leaders, ourselves. We believe that a respective environment will create a friendly and inclusive community which is beneficial for all of us.

  • Teamwork: Supportive, contributive, inclusive, and diversified are description to teamwork.

  • Excellence: Excellence in the little things always adds up to excellence in the big things. If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.

How Alba Assist You With Our "531 Theory":

5 Steps:

  1. Career Positioning, what do you enjoy doing, and how are you uniquely qualified to build a rewarding career out of your interests, skills, and experience? Our consultants will guide you through the process of proactively managing your career by developing your career profile, discovering your career options, and identifying what you need to do to get to your career goals. Get the guidance you need to stay ahead with expert-led coaching sessions on Career Management. 

  2. Personal Branding, branding isn't just for businesses anymore. Learn how to manage the way you're perceived, online and off. Learn with our consultants to walk through the basics of defining and growing your personal brand, including building an online identity, developing authority, creating content, establishing style, maintaining consistency, and more. With the right marketing, anyone can achieve a competitive edge and reach a larger audience. Get the guidance you need to stay ahead with expert-led coaching sessions on personal branding. 

  3. Job Searching, facing challenges to find a job? Learn the latest techniques to find jobs efficiently and effectively, discover smart strategies to match your interests with your search and manage your time in order to maximize results. Get the guidance you need to stay ahead with expert-led coaching on Job Searching.

  4. Acing your Interview, our consultants will explore the different types of interview questions and styles you might expect, and how to prepare for them by researching the company and practicing your answers. Uncover the best ways to create a good first impression and navigate the interview, as well as handle the tricky questions and identify the unlawful ones. Plus, through the mock interview you will be able to assess your own performance, thank the company for their time, and follow up on a decision.

  5. On-board Integrating, you will get “continued partnership” for 3 months post-employment to help you transition into your new role. 

3 Consultants vs. 1 Client Career Engagement Model​

Each client will be assisted with 3 professional Alba staffs.

  1. Account Manager

  2. Career Consultant

  3. Senior Consultant

Customized Service

Alba provides 1 unique customized service for each client.